The Hopes & Dreams 

Learning Centre 

Latest Developments 

Keeping Everyone Safe 


Take a look at our brand new Anti-bacterial fogger, the wellness of out children and staff is of paramount important to us here at Hopes & Dreams, watch the video to see one of our owners, Gary, talking you through the anti-bacterial fogger and why we believe keeping people safe is the most important thing during these unprecedented times. 

Lunch Time at our nurseries 

At Hopes & Dreams we believe that giving our children fresh,delicious hot meals everyday is important to give our children the right amount of energy to continue their day, by using locally grown fruit and veg we support out local economy too!

Celebrating Change 

To celebrate turning 21, we updated and refreshed our branding, the brand reflects our move to more natural authentic resources within our nurseries and our connection with the Island. 

Covid - 19  

2020 has brought many different challenges to Hopes & Dreams, however Covid - 19 has presented a whole new set of challenges. At Hopes and Dreams we stand strong in order to help our Island community. 

Our Approach  

Our vision  and core values are the foundation on which we deliver our high quality childcare and education to help your child. 

We hire the best people and invest in their training to equip them with the skills to make your child's day special.