Our Story

Happy Children, Positive Futures 

Our goal has always been to make a difference for children and their families by providing high quality, purposeful childcare and education.

Since we founded Hopes & Dreams in 1999 we have been doing just that, helping over 4,243 children and their families so far.

We exist to deliver on our purpose of creating Happy Children, Positive Futures.

Our fantastically dedicated inspirational staff team are passionate about making your child’s nursery experience fun, and happy – that’s guaranteed.

We also plan for your child’s development with a huge variety of exciting activities both indoors and outdoors, including trips and outings to engage, inspire, challenge and support your child’s development.

But it’s not all about your child. We want to look after you as well. That’s why our base standard is All-Inclusive - with nappies, wipes and all your child’s food taken care of you get to spend more time playing with your child and by using technology we ensure you stay connected with your child’s development.

Parents wanting the very best for their child find that Hopes & Dreams delivers.

Happy Children, Positive Futures is our simple focus that drives everything we do ensuring that your child's care and development needs are met.  We also work hard building a relationship that supports you and your family during your child's early years.

Our Vision 

Happy Children, Positive Futures

Our Vision neatly describes why we exist and what we create.

How does our Vision benefit your child?

It applies to the children having fun, playing, being curious, building relationships, feeling emotionally secure, trying new things and enjoying their experiences today.


It also refers to their learning and the development.  Inspiring children to be inquisitive and engaged with the world in which they live.  Learning to be kind and considerate, exploring their abilities and their emotions. 

Acquiring the skills and experiences that will help them throughout their life.  Building the foundations for their own positive futures.

Our Core Values

H&D Core Values 60x60mm Sticker-CARING.j

Deliver WOW through Caring


Give the service you would want to receive 

H&D Core Values 60x60mm Sticker-GROWTH.j

Persue Growth & Learning  


to Drive Change 

H&D Core Values 60x60mm Sticker-TRUST.jp

Create Trust with Open and Honest Communication


Say it, as long as it is true, kind & necessary 

H&D Core Values 60x60mm Sticker-POSITIVE

Build a Fun Positive Team & Family Spirit 

Love what you do and have fun in the process, pull together and support each other 

H&D Core Values 60x60mm Sticker-DETERMIN

Be Passionate, Determined & Resilient


Always bring your best self to work.

How do our Core Values benefit the children and families?

Core Values are our framework of behaviours and standards that support the delivery of consistent quality across the whole of the Hopes & Dreams Childcare Group. 
They provide you with a consistency of expectations that is reassuring and gives you peace of mind.

Where our vision describes why we exist and what we create our Core Values describe how we do it.

Our shared values are at the very heart of everything we do and guide our behaviours, actions and decisions. They support how we build relationships, seek to improve ourselves and work together to create Happy Children, Positive Futures. 

How our family has grown 

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